OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Gerontology & Geriatric Research Volume 6, Issue 1 The Need to Find the Personal Lifestyle Factor Counteracting Cognitive Declinein Normal Aging Petra Jansen Hopeful Care for People Dying with Dementia Rosalie Evelyn Hudson Application of the Omaha System in the Determination of Healthcare Needs of Individuals Receiving Home Healthcare Betuumll Aktas, Medine Yilmaz, Nazife Kaplan and Banu Cankiri Effect of Tai Chi Ball Exercise on Functional Mobility in MildModerate Parkinson Disease Chunmei Xiao1, Yong Kang1 and YongChang Zhuang2 Senior Transportation Importance to Healthy Aging Helen Kerschner and Nina M Silverstein Obstacles to Conducting a Life Story Project with Chinese American Family Caregivers Man Wai Alice Lun A case of Getting the Diagnosis Right in the Management of An Elderly Man with Challenging Behavior Si Ching Lim Evaluating Kidney Function in Elderly Population A CrossSectional Study in Primary Health Care Zoi Tsimtsiou, Konstantina Karakoula, Elpida Efthymiadou, Antonios Asimakopoulos, Basiliki Fardi, Sofia Birka and Foteini Dantsi Utilizing Standardized Patients to Teach Motivational Interviewing to Gerontology Health Care Providers Andrea Jennings Case Report of Elderly Female Timalsina R A Case of Atraumatic Fracture Resulting from Physical Restraint in an Elderly Woman Si Ching Lim and Peter Chiu Leung Chow Multimorbidity and HealthRelated Quality of Life among Older Adults Sema K Aydede, Drona Rasali, William Osei and Trish Hunt Nurses Towards Older People and Own Ageing Alicja RozykMyrta, Andrzej Brodziak and Estera Kolat Contribution of Surgical Procedures Including Insertions of Implants Stents and Pacemakers to Longevity Girish J Kotwal Role of Technology in Management of Health Care of Elderly Bhupinder Chaudhary and Rachna Kumar Optimal Care for Elderly in TransitionLessons Learned Annemarie De Vos Structural Validity and Reliability of the Dutch Older Patient in Acute Care Survey OPACS Measuring Nurses Attitude towards Older Patients Jeroen Dikken, Jita G Hoogerduijn, Sharon Klaassen and Marieke J Schuurmans Fictive Carers Perceptions of the Impact of OutcomeFocused Homecare with Older People Living Alone Stephen GethinJones Application of Medical Moisture Retention Cream ALHYDRAN A New Option in the Treatment of Venous Eczema Rondas AALM and Schols JMGA A Participant Observation of the Delivery of Home Care Services to Frail Socially Isolated Older People Receiving Two Different Models of Care Delivery Stephen GethinJones