OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering Volume 6 Issue 1 Synthesis of Alumina Fibre by Annealing Method using Coir Fibre Compression Fatigue Crack Growth in Nacre and Its Implication on the Mechanical Performance of Orthopedic Implants Hamza S Reduction of Sulphur Content of AGBAJA Iron Ore Using Sulphuric Acid H2SO4 Ocheri C and Mbah AC Observation of Optical Properties of Gold Thin Films Using SpectroscopicEllipsometry Prediction of Geometry of Loop Formed on Terry Fabric Surface UsingMathematical and FEM Modelling Singh JP and Behera BK Synthesis of Al2O3 Nanopowders at Low Temperature from AluminumFormate by Combustion Process RoqueRuiz JH and ReyesLoacutepez SY Microhardness and Adhesion Strength of PMCs Coatings by NiCr Alloy Kareem AA and Raheem Z A Comparative Study of Three Different Microscale Approaches for ModelingWoven Composite Material Gherissi A, Abbassia F and Zghal A PitchBased Carbon FibreReinforced PEEK Composites Optimization ofInterphase Properties by WaterBased Treatments and SelfAssembly Martin A, Addiego F, Mertz G, Bardon J, Ruch D and Dubois P Study and Optimization of a Photovoltaic Mill System Functioning on theCourse of the Sun Gaye TA, Dieng B, Sow O, Mbodji S and Sissoko G Surface Excess Free Energy An Elaboration with Particular Insight for Useas a Predictor of Solvophilicity in Molecular Simulation Mongelli GF Recommendations for Compatibility of Different Types of Polymers with PotassiumSodium FormateBased Fluids for Drilling Operations An Experimental Comparative Analysis Low Hanging Fruit in Computational Molecular Dynamics Simulations with the Published OPLSAA Force Field Critical Polyalkane Polyether and Polysilicone Structure Differences Consideration of Polymer Forces from the OPLSAA Standpoint Evaluation of PhysicoChemical Thermal and Mechanical Properties of Sintered Graphite and Mesophase Formulations Prediction of Hardness Yield Strength and Tensile Strength for Single Roll Melt Spinning of 5083 Alalloy Ribbons Financing for Plants Equipment and Operations for the Establishment of a Plant for the Manufacturing of Spheroidal Graphite Iron Castings for Automobile Industries Study of the Adsorption of Bright Green by a Natural Clay and Modified