OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Material Sciences & Engineering Volume 6 Issue 2 Effect of Partial Shear Connection on Strengthened Composite Beams with Externally PostTension Tendons Optimization of Sustainable Cutting Conditions in Turning Carbon Steel by CNC Turning Machine Evaluation of Mechanical Properties of Medium Carbon Low Alloy Forged Steels Quenched in Water Oil and Polymer The ISO Standard 14577 for Mechanics Violates the First Energy Law and Denies Physical Dimensions The Free Energy of Solvation for NDecane in EthanolWater Solutions Preparation of a Photoactive 3D Polymer Pillared with Metalloporphyrin Assessing Biaxial Stress and Strain in 3CSiCSi 001 by RamanScattering Spectroscopy Effect of Size Temperature and Structure on the Vibrational HeatCapacity of Small Neutral Gold Clusters Investigation of Effect on Prefabricated Light Steel Structure Noncoatingand Coating Using Transogard Zinc Chromate Paint after Exposed toSeawater Shah MMK, Ismail A and Sarifudin J Synthesis and Crystallization Behavior of 3 mol Yttria ParticallyStabilized Zirconia 3YPSZ Nanopowders by Microwave PyrolysisProcess Bingbing Fan, Fan Zhang, Jian Li, Hao Chen and Rui Zhang Enhancement the Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Casting AlloysA356 by Adding Nanorods Structures from Zinc Oxide Qasim ZS, Jabbar MA and Hassan JJ Deterioration of Stainless Steel Corrosion Resistance Due to Welding Fandem QA Effects of Heat Treatment on the Mechanical Properties of the Vanadis 4Extra and Vanadis 10 Tool Steels Baykara T and Bedir HF Removal of Chromium from Industrial Wastewater by Adsorption UsingCoffee Husk Dessalew Berihun Synthesis and Characterization of Manganese Mn Doped Polyaniline Ankit Gupta and Mahendra Kumar Development of GraphiteDNA Polymer Composites as Electrode forMethanol Fuel Cells Chtaini A, Touzara S, Cheikh Ould SrsquoId E, Chamekh M, Mabrouki M and Kheribech A Effect of HF Welding Process Parameters and Post Heat Treatmentin the Development of Micro Alloyed HSLA Steel Tubes for TorsionalApplications Udhayakumar T and Mani E The Benefit of 3D Printing in Medical Field Example Frontal DefectReconstruction Singare S, Shenggui C and Nan Li