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OMICS International is an international science publisher that popularizes researched scientific information through its 700+ Open Access Online Science Journals and has organized over 1000 scientific conferences all over the world. OMICS International publishes the high impact, most cited & the best quality articles that are well researched in the field of Clinical, Medical, Neuropsychology, Molecular Genetics, Pharmaceutical, Management, Engineering and Technology, and Life Sciences. OMICS International through its Open Access Initiative is committed to make genuine and reliable contributions to the scientific community.

As an Open Access publisher, OMICS International encourages publication of peer reviewed articles through its online Scientific Journals and thus subjects all the submitted manuscripts for peer reviewing to maintain quality and the standards of publication. 50,000 eminent scholars and researchers are providing staunch editorial support to OMICS online science journals striving to promote scientific research across the globe. OMICS International online journals offer scholarly articles to over 3 million readers that are researchers, students, scientists, practitioners, professionals of varied scientific disciplines.  The Scientific Journals allow unlimited downloads of scholarly articles for academic, research and reference without any subscription, provided the source of knowledge generation is properly cited.

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The open access journals are peer-reviewed by members of the editorial board to ensure consistency and authenticity of the manuscripts submitted for publication. An open access journal is indexed into open access scientific indexing platforms like the PubMed, ISI, Scopus, CAS, Index Copernicus, Proquest, Citefactor, Hinari, EBSCO, etc database. The OMICS International implements a quality tracking system for each of the open access journals for consistent publications of research works and case reports without any flaws in terms originality and nature of the work.

OMICS International is particularly committed to promote scientific research, free from the barriers of subscriptions and thus promoting an egalitarian access to everyone that is keen in studying, researching and promoting scientific knowledge. The best quality and top highly accessed articles are frequently cited and referred are listed in all OMICS journals to facilitate readers.

OMICS Journals on Genetics and Molecular biology for example thrives to promote recent research in these fields by encouraging eminent scholars to contribute to theses journals. OMICS International is one of the best publishers of scientific information and knowledge in the field of Psychology, Psychiatry, particularly children and adolescent psychology. These journals publish scientific research articles with a very high impact factor.

OMICS academic journals cater to a vast spectrum of scientific community with the best articles. These journals with very high impact factor set the standards for the scientific research. Acclaimed as one of the best publishers in the field of science and technology, OMICS Publishing house always strives for the innovation by making the best use of state of art technology and information.

The open access movement evolved since the late 20th century and garnered support from various quarters including libraries and educational institutions, who insisted on its development so that scientific publications can be accessed and transmitted without permission barriers and hefty costs. The OMICS International thus removes legal and financial barriers to dissemination of knowledge across various areas of scientific research. A large number of readers and researchers can copy and share the open access scientific articles and use proper reference while getting citation from the original works, under the norms of the Bethesda Statement.

The advent of internet has enabled online repositories of information that can be stored and accessed through smooth and efficient mechanism that is free of cost to the reader. An open access journals list on the OMICS International website enables browsing of approximately 700 titles based on alphabetical order and the category of subjects. The OMICS International also provides option for translation of open access journals using the appropriate tools. Visitors to the website can also browse the titles by accessing the open access journals list in the desired format like full-text and xml. The scientific articles published by the OMICS International can also be accessed in the pdf format for a wide range of options to access the document.

Dissemination of knowledge through modern publishing platforms like the internet has been valuable for researchers and learners alike, who can access the desired updates through open access journals and keep updated in terms of scientific research in the respective field. The mode of free reference granted through open access methodology ensures ample material is available for researchers and academicians alike. Professors at scientific institutions have often felt the need for such a platform to drive scientific progress and boost learning through fast dissemination of research. The OMICS International started with the proteomics open access journal in 2007.

In consistency with the efforts to provide the right platform for interaction among the academic and professional individuals and bodies, the OMICS International organizes international scientific conferences in various domains that correspond to the learning areas supported by the respective open access journals. Abstracts invited for the event are composed by efficient professors with a proven research and academic record over the years. About 1000 international conferences are organized yearly at venues across the US, India and Europe. The speakers use the latest chanel replica conference facilities including the equipment for slides and audio-visual paper presentations.

The OMICS International was founded with a mission to provide free access to scientific literature for quick dissemination of scientific updates and provide source of reference and retrieval free of cost. Research fellows and professors in various disciplines submit works in the form of manuscripts which undergo quality check before being approved for publication. The published material or articles can be transmitted and shared across the internet under the open access regulations. OMICS International Conferences make the perfect platform for global networking as it brings together renowned speakers and scientists across the globe to a most exciting and memorable scientific event filled with much enlightening interactive sessions, world class exhibitions and poster presentations.