OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Ergonomics Volume 7, Issue 3 Ergonomic Explorations for the Safety and Health Improvement inHospital and Healthcare Professions InJu Kim In vivo Kinematics Assessment of Bulged Disk Cervical Vertebral Amir Hossein Saveh, Amir Bahador Shabani, Ali Reza Zali, Samira Kermani, Amir Saeed Seddighi, Navid Nabizadeh and Mahmoud Chizari Relationship between Hip Flexion Contracture and HipJoint ContactForce in Standing Posture A Computer Simulation Study Takuma Inai, Mutsuaki Edama, Tomoya Takabayashi and Masayoshi Kubo k Reasons Why Ergonomics Cannot Make Interactive Devices to Be UserFriendly k3 Bouwhuis DG The Category Subdivision Scale of Subjective Hearing Impairment aScreening Instrument for Reduced Hearing Capacity Verena Wagner, Wolfgang Rominger and K Wolfgang Kallus Prevalence of Visual and Musculoskeletal Disorders among Office Workers in Palestine Yahya Saleh and Ramiz Assaf The Use of Audio Stimulation to Affect Sensorimotor Learning Gregory Ranky and Sergei Adamovich Current Considerations in Dental Ergonomics Standards and GuidelinesTeaching and Prevention Diego Garcia Diniz and Jessica Daniela Pacheco Flumignan Diniz A Preliminary Study to Capture the Characteristics of BackswingMovement in Baseball Throwing Hiromu Katsumata, Junichiro Sasaki and Takeshi Kawai Sustained Return to Work after Longterm Sick Leave Improves WorkAbility and Quality of Life Michele Elisabete Rubio Alem, Cristiane Shinohara Moriguchi, Andriette Camilo Turi, Taiacutesa Trevizani, Thaiacutes Saldanha, Tatiana De Oliveira Sato and Helenice Jane Cote Gil Coury