OMICS International OMICS International is a scientific organization that drives the progress of research through open access journals and organizes international conferences, The best in science news, commentary, and research. Journal of Geography & Natural Disasters Volume 7, Issue 1 Potential Causes of Global Crisis Branislav R Tanasic Delineating Deep Basement Faults in Eastern Dharwar Craton through Systematic Methods of Geophysics and Remote Sensing visvis the Concerns of Moderate Seismicity Temporal and Spatial Variations of ZarrinehRood River Morphology Using RS and GIS Naturalistic DecisionMaking in Natural Disasters An Overview GIS Mapping of Tsunami Susceptibility Case Study of the Karachi City in Sindh Pakistan Geodynamic Zones as Receptors of Solar and Techno Pathogenic Influences on Living Systems Possible Ways to Neutralize Biopathogenic Radiation Modeling the Direct Effect of Climate Change on the Cereal Production in Tunisia A Microspatial Panel Cointegration Analysis Integration of Remote Sensing and Hydraulic Models to Identify FloodProne Areas in Woybo River Catchment South Western Ethiopia Aschalew Fekadu, Daniel Teka and Kassa Teka Assessment of Farmers Perception of Climate Change and Variability and its Implication for Implementation of ClimateSmart Agricultural Practices the Case of Geze Gofa District Southern Ethiopia Tesfaye Samuel Saguye Applications of Vetiver Grass Chrysopogon zizanioides in Eco System Based Disaster Risk Reduction Studies from Kerala State of India Joice K Joseph, Amrutha Haridasan, Karunakaran Akhildev and Pradeep Kumar AP Measuring Resilience Capability of Droughtprone Desert Communities A Case Study of Tharparkar Pakistan Shesh Kanta Kafle Mexican RawMaterials Development A Case Study Barney Paul Popkin